Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it better to eat before or after exercise?

When and how to eat are often debated questions. I firmly believe this answer depends on your goal and you as an individual.I generally advise to replenish your body within 20 minutes of completing exercise to help recovery and boost your metabolism. If training in the morning I would recommend a carb at night so you are well fuelled. We can help tailor your eating around your individual training regime.

2. Will Strength training make me big? I just want to be toned and Lean.

Not at all !! We make sure we provide a program which gets the result you are wanting to achieve. We look at the aerobic/anerobic ratio of your weekly training program and tailor a weekly program to achieve the results you desire.

3. Do you have weekly packages?

Absolutely. Please give us a call. We can tailor a package to you.

4 Do you run 12 week challenges and what is the cost?

Yes we certainly do run 12 week challenges. These two are available in different packages. If you look at our website you can see some of the results of our past challengers. You will succeed with this !! We get behind you with 100% of our support the entire way.

5 Do you run group classes?

Yes definitely. Please look at our current class timetable on our website.

6 Can I train whilst pregnant?

Absolutely and you should. We ensure we provide you with a safe program. This also helps you recover post pregnancy.

7 How many weeks after pregnancy can I train?

The general recommendation is 8 weeks. If unsure please consult your Doctor.

8 Do you do Corporate training?

Yes we do. We provide training programs in your workplace or local parks. We have various packages available.

9 Do you provide Nutritional Guidance and Support?

Absolutely. We have dietary programs available for your specific training requirements.

10 Do you provide Personal Training Services in local parks or Homes?

Yes we provide Personal Training Services in local Parks or homes. We are more than happy to tailor an individual package.

11 Do you have a running group and or running drills?

Yes, this is one of our specialties. Ask us for a tailored running program.

12 Do you provide Strength and Conditioning programs?

We provide Strength and Conditioning programs tailored to your individual training goals. Let us know your event date and we can help you achieve your peak performance.